Nicaragua has become a very attractive destination for investments in the outsourcing industry, offering even more specialized and higher value-added services. Among the main reasons of this growth are Nicaragua’s proximity to the North and South American markets, its competitive cost structure and the quality of its human talent.

Outsourcing Industry Numbers

8,900 jobs to date

47 companies to date

US$82 million invested to date

US$132 million exported in 2016


Main Services Exported

Outsourcing Companies in Nicaragua

Why Nicaragua

Investment Opportunities

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

Nicaragua's KPO industry has been growing and diversifying rapidly in recent years, offering high value-added services such as patent research and development, digital marketing, recruiting processes, payroll management, financial services, among others.

Shared Services Centers (SSC)

Companies are currently faced with the challenge of reducing costs, increase their efficiency and the quality of their services. This is why more of them are opting for Shared Services Centers (SSC), an operational model in that consolidates and standardizes a wide array of systems, procedures and functions to provide services to multiple divisions within the same company.

Nicaragua represents a great opportunity as a destination for Shared Services Centers of groups with a strong presence in the region. From this operation, a company can consolidate multiple functions such as human resources, finance and procurement, among others.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

The BPO industry has placed Nicaragua on the map of the most attractive platforms for nearshoring. It represents an important source of formal employment for Nicaraguan human talent.

Currently, there are over 22 companies exporting BPO services in both English and Spanish. Most of the services provided by companies with presence in Nicaragua are customer service, sales, back office, technical support and chat services.

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