Before starting operations, companies must take into account specific permits established by Nicaraguan law. These include environmental, municipal, tourism and energy permits. On the other hand, the country grants incentives for each of the operations detailed below, including:

Law to Promote Electricity Generation from Renewable Sources: Power generation projects from renewable sources have tax and tariff benefits under the Law 532, an Act to promote electricity generation from renewable sources. These tax and tariff benefits cover new projects and cover extensions to their installed capacity.

Special Law on Exploration and Exploitation of Mines: Activities related to exploration and exploitation of mineral resources are regulated in Act 387, Special Law on Exploration and Mining and its Regulation Decree 11-2001.

Law of Incentives for the Tourism Industry: Nicaragua offers multiple tax incentives for investment in the tourism sector and it's considered the most generous and competitive in the region. It provides incentives and benefits for investment in accommodations, food, and beverages, tour operators, tourist transportation and airlines, among others.

You can find information on these and other permits on the Trámites Nicaragua website.