Published by teleSUR 

Nicaragua has unveiled its long-awaited baseball stadium in Managua, replacing the former baseball field built in 1948. The new structure will hold up to 15,670 people and is the country’s first stadium constructed to Major League Baseball, MLB, standards and codes.

The stadium took almost two years and US$36 million to build. The facility can hold 1,000 cars, large screens to view games, advanced technology and a security system that enables game-goers to evacuate within 10 minutes.

The stadium will likely take the name “Denis Martinez," after Nicaragua’s former MLB player, and for whom the previous field is named. Yet, the name “Stanley Cayasso” is also on the table in homage of the country’s first “symbol of national baseball."

Martinez holds the record, 245, for the most wins by a Latin American pitcher in the MLB. 

He and Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega were on hand at the stadium’s inaugural game last night against Taiwan, as part of a three-game series to run Oct. 20-22. The match was sold out as the least expensive tickets cost an equivalent of US$2. Players competed in the rain and ended with a 2-2 tie.