Managua, Nicaragua; April 12, 2018

Cargill de Nicaragua S.A. inaugurated a new processing and distribution plant in Managua, “Plantel Tip Top,” which represents an investment of approximately US$45 million. Plantel Tip Top will replace the San Benito and old Masaya plants. Since establishing in Nicaragua in 2000, this multinational has invested over US$140 million.

The inauguration ceremony was chaired by Minister-Presidential Delegate for Investment, General Alvaro Baltodano; PRONicaragua’s Investment Promotion Advisor, Laureano Ortega; Executive President of Cargill, Xavier Vargas; Corporate Vice President of Cargill de Nicaragua, Alfredo Vélez; Cargill Nicaragua General Manager, Gilberto Guzmán; United States Ambassador to Nicaragua, Laura Dogu; and María Nelly Rivas, President, American Chamber of Commerce of Nicaragua.

According to Cargill executives, Plantel Tip Top spans 6,000 square meters and will be dedicated to mechanized unloading of live birds, automated cutting, instant freezing and line packaging. Plantel Tip Top will double the processing capacity of the two plants that are being replaced and the company estimates it will create 400 jobs and 600 in peak season.

Vargas also announced the forthcoming inauguration of a fertile chicken egg producing farm in Malpaisillo, Leon, with capacity to produce up to one million eggs per week. This inauguration is scheduled for 2019.

Carlos Zarruk Castillo, Executive Director of PRONicaragua, underlined the importance of this investment for the country and highlighting it as a tangible result of the Model of Alliance, Dialogue and Consensus led by President, Daniel Ortega, and Vice President, Rosario Murillo. “With the technology Cargill implemented, they can now explore new business opportunities and even consider exporting  their products,” Zarruk added.  He also noted that the expansion of the plant’s processing capacity “from 900 thousand birds to more than one million per week (4 per second), will allow the country to increase the intake of protein by more than 50 pounds per year in the short term.”

Cargill is a US-company that has been operating in Central America since 1969, with two primary businesses: poultry and meats and animal nutrition. It began in Nicaragua in 2000, with the acquisition of Tip Top Industrial®. In 2015, Cargill inaugurated  a US$50 million Distribution Center, “its largest investment in Central America to date,”according to Corporate VP Alfredo Velez.

Data from the National Association of Poultry Producers (ANAPA) indicates that more than 90 percent of the chicken consumed by Nicaraguans comes from domestic production and less than three percent from imports. Nicaraguan Central Bank (BCN) statistics show poultry production reached 69.2 million units in 2017 and grew by five percent over 2016.

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Cargill inaugura planta de procesos de US$45 millones en Nicaragua