Managua, Nicaragua; March 17th, 2021.

Two companies from Sahlman Group in Nicaragua dedicated to shrimp farming and ice production, Sahlman Seafoods and Bee Gee Shrimp, became the first companies in their field in Central America to receive the Carbon Neutral Certification.

The certification consists of confirming the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. To achieve this, the companies had to undergo a rigorous evaluation process in which 100 percent of their carbon footprint must be offset with their own carbon capture sources. The Carbon Neutral Certification is verified by the Costa Rican Technical Standards Institute (INTECO, for its acronym in Spanish) and is obtained through compliance with the INTE ISO 14064-1: 2019 and INTE B5: 2020 standards.

Virgilio Castillo Hawkins, Executive Director of Sahlman Group, explains that this certification is the result of an operating model that promotes continuous improvement of its processes and constant innovation to turn its companies into role models in Nicaragua and the region. Among the good practices of environmental sustainability that have been implemented for the country are the maximum saving of electrical energy, the conscious use of water, the saving of fuels and labor supplies, reforestation and the best use of waste stand out.

This certification has a positive impact for the Sahlman Group companies, since it is an environmental quality standard that will allow them to expand their business networks locally and internationally and access new markets; and also for the country, since it improves the company-environment link by reducing the negative impacts of its operations.

Sahlman Group is made up of Nicaraguan companies owned by Sahlman Seafoods Inc., a company dedicated to shrimp production, originally from Tampa, USA. In Nicaragua, its focus is the production, processing, and commercialization of farmed shrimp. Other of its activities in the country are the production and commercialization of packed ice, through its brand Glacial, real estate, coffee cultivation and forest plantations. Sahlman Group has been operating in Nicaragua since 1996 and generates 670 jobs.

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