Managua, Nicaragua; September 29, 2016

With an investment amounting to US$4.9 million, Nicaraguan company Aceitera El Real inaugurated today two projects: a modern biomass-based power generation plant and a palm oil fractionation plant. The former aims to suppy the plant’s electricity needs, and the latter generate savings by substituting imports of refined palm oil.

Gral. Álvaro Baltodano, Presidential Delegate for Investments; Mr. Horacio Rapacciolli, CEO of Aceitera Real; and Ms. Aura Lyla Padilla, Mayor of the city of Chinandega, presided over the opening ceremony. The event was also attended by the Nicaraguan Government and private sector representatives.

The project included the construction of two modern industrial buildings: the cogeneration power plant comprises a 2-level building of 18-meter-high, which covers about 700 square meters of productive area; the fractionation plant comprises a 2-level building of 12-meter-high, with a productive area of ​​about 400 square meters.

The construction of both plants generated over 110 direct jobs. Both projects required skilled labor with a significant degree of specialization, such as experts in turbo-generation and project engineers.

It is important to note that thanks to the construction of the turbogenerator the company achieved a reduction of 60 percent in the cost of the electric bill. Also, 6.4 of the 7.5 million KWh that Aceitera Real will consume in 2016 will be supplied with renewable energy. That means that at least 85 percent of the energy consumption will be generated by own renewable sources.

Aceitera El Real is a Nicaraguan company dedicated to the refinement of oils, edible fats of vegetable origin and the production and distribution of consumer products. Currently, the company exports its products to the United States, Europe, China, Central and South America.

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En español: Empresa inaugura proyecto de generación de energía renovable en Nicaragua