Managua, Nicaragua; December 01, 2016

Quality Contact Centers (QC2), an outsourcing service provider located in Nicaragua, recently announced the opening of their newest call center, thereby extending their capacity to the Caribbean region of Nicaragua. QC2 is a startup operation that quickly expanded to two call centers from 80 interpreters to their current count of 100 seats.

Last December 1st, the company started recruiting personnel for its newest operation; QC2 representatives conducted interviews and received resumes from bilingual professionals who will service companies and government agencies that hold their primary operations in the United States.   

“We identified a very attractive talent pool, and we are ready to test the waters in Bluefields,” said Alexander Franklin, CEO at QC2. “Our vision is to make Bluefields the next major outsourcing destination in Central America, and establish Nicaragua as a market leader. Our plans include expanding the existing talent base in the country, training and preparing new talent, and developing new operations with other call centers, as well as existing and new clients.”

As pioneers of this project, QC2 is also looking to collaborate with other call centers that are interested in taking advantage of the strategic location and talent pool concentrated in Bluefields.

The company is currently providing value-added KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) services at their current call centers and will be looking to recruit agents with medical training, medical vocabulary, and phonetic alphabet pronunciation in English. Agents may also provide IT support, sales, market research, business development, mailing list information and customer service for different industries, among other outsourcing services.

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En español: Quality Contact Centers anuncia la apertura de su nuevo centro de llamadas en el Caribe de Nicaragua