Managua, Nicaragua; May 08, 2017

Giant retailer Walmart’s Mexico and Central America division is strenghthening its footprint in Nicaragua as it just announced new sizable investments worth US$125 million to be executed in the country over the next two years.

During a meeting with a delegation of Banco LAFISE Nicaragua, President Daniel Ortega said that the company will bring new investments oriented to commercial and productive activity, in addition to what has been invested over the last five years – over US$200 million.

According to information issued by the company, Walmart plans to invest around US$20 million in 2017 in Nicaragua. Likewise, by 2018 they expect to invest another US$105 million, distributed among new store openings, refurbishments and the construction of a distribution center. Of the total amount to be invested in 2017, US$52 million will be allocated to the construction of a new distribution center while US$17 million will be invested in a new Walmart Supercenter store.

Walmart Centroamérica expects to grow at a rate of 10 percent in 2017 in Central America.

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En español: Walmart invertirá US$125 millones en Nicaragua en los próximos dos años