Dec. 4, 2013 - Nicaragua recently participated in the top level forum “Positioning Central America in the XXI Century: Trends and Perspectives” organized by the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) and the Government of the Republic of Panama. The event was attended by 250 top level representatives from the private sector, government, international organizations, and diplomatic missions in the region.

The event was focused in the integration of the Central American region as a means for development. In the opening ceremony, Alejandro Rodriguez Zamora, CABEI’s Executive Vice-President, stated that “in today’s globalized world, Central America is perceived from outside the region as one and it is only through the union and the definition of joint regional priorities that we will move forward”.

The meeting was organized under three discussion panels aimed to deepen knowledge, share experiences and different points of view on the regional integration. The first panel covered the issue “Current status of situation of the integration process – Its challenges and perspectives”; the second panel analyzed Central America’s competitiveness and the challenges of economic integration from the private sector’s perspective. The third and last panel addressed issues related to “Creative financing mechanisms: Strengthening competitiveness in Central America”. All panels were in charge of prominent authorities and experts of the region, among them Javier Chamorro, Executive Director of PRONicaragua, the official investment and export promotion agency of Nicaragua.

This forum also highlighted CABEI’s commitment to the region’s integration and development. As a part of the integrationist movement, CABEI has put in progress its Institutional Strategy 2010-2014: “Competitiveness with Integration Social Development”, where the region’s competitiveness is established as a fundamental mainstay to attain sustainable development and as a key element to achieve social development and the integration of Central America.

CABEI has also approved more than 120 development projects for more than US$4,652 million to its beneficiary member countries. This financial contribution will benefit approximately 15.3 million people, who represent around one third of Central America’s population.

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