The US-Israeli company Bean & Co. began investing in Nicaragua in 2016. The project aims at growing up to 10,000 hectares of cocoa using state-of-the-art agro-technology.

According to Yakov Orenstein, General Manager of Bean & Co., the Nicaraguan workforce “was one of the key factors that led us to invest in Nicaragua. The local workforce has great potential, which facilitates the development of an agrotechnology company.” Orenstein further highlights the importance of appropriate climatic conditions for growing cocoa and the proximity to its main export markets. “From a geographical perspective, our project has a lot to do with the conditions that cocoa plantations require, however, Nicaragua is also a strategic location, very close to the United States, very close to Europe and in between the two oceans. Those are factors that facilitate our operations.”

In the near future, Bean & Co. Nicaragua will be capable of producing up to 9,000 metric tons of cocoa in Nicaragua with projected yields of 3 metric tons per hectare.