LANCO, a Puerto Rican paint manufacturing company, set up shop in Nicaragua in 2007. The company started with a small distribution facility, which has evolved into a world-class distribution center, employing over 100 people. 

“PRONicaragua is an institution where they will guide every step of the company’s decision-making process. For a project such as LANCO, where there are many details that need to be taken into account, and PRONicaragua, with its high-skilled staff, helped us quickly connect with key government institutions. When we started building the plant, there was no energy supply and, how are we supposed to run a plant without electricity? That’s when we first contacted PRONicaragua and the problem was addressed by a staff willing to solve the problem. The answer was surprising. The government decided to build a power station to feed a zone which, in the end, would benefit from this initiative.”