After nine years in the local market, Sitel began to develop shared services in Nicaragua, centralizing their financial and accounting operations for the Americas. As of today, the shared service center is employing about 130 people, and the company expects that this number will continue to grow. Val VanDegrift, Vice President of Operations for Sitel Nicaragua, explains that from the shared service center the company is supporting operations in Latin America and North America, including finance, HR, social media management, and accounting. 

VanDegrift highlights that they have found in Nicaragua “a high level of competency and education, which is why the company continues to expand.” He also adds that “The decision of creating a shared service center in Nicaragua is because we have developed a certain level of expertise; we’ve been assisting other locations in the region, and the company began to look what else we could do for them. Another reason is that the salaries are way more competitive here than in the US. Also, Nicaragua has a real expertise in financial services, IT services and accounting. There’s a high degree of talent here in Nicaragua.”