Foreign company is looking for a Farm Manager.

Job Description


•     Fluent in written and spoken English

•     Degree in Biology

•     Few years experience working on fish or shrimp farm

•     Good skills with mechanical things

•     Able to manage people

•     Knowledge of basic fish diseases


Technical responsibilities  


•     Assessment of River level and conditions

•     Water temperature checked 

•     Assure water flow is as required in raceways

•   Assure Oxygen levels in reservoir and raceways is always as specified

•   Assure Ammonia, nitrite and pH are checked as per procedures

•   Through analysis of water, assure pesticides in the water are

•     Assure Aerators are operating as directed



•     Prepare Feed tables as directed 

•     Assure fish are fed accordingly to tables 

•     Assure feed quality is as it should be

•     Assure Laboratory results for feed are received 

•   Observe the fish on a daily basis, and record fish eating patterns, behavior and overall condition


Farm controls 

•     Take regular photos of operation and fish

•   Assure any mortalities are recorded and removed form the systems

•     Updated fish counts recorded on a daily basis

•   Through observation comments on any sign of disease or injury

•   Dissect fish and prepare organs and slides as per requirements

•     Photos through microscope on required organ sections

•     Photos of any abnormalities on fish

•   Counts of certain nodules on specific organs as per protocols

•   Administer any prescription treatments of fish as per instructions

•     Assure bird nets are in order and no birds getting through

•   Assure all maintenance being done as per procedures to assure systems operate properly

•   Assure adequate security procedures followed to prevent any theft of fish


Fish weighing

•     Fish weighed as per procedures

•     Calculate average weight

•     Record range of weights 

•     Do FCR calculations 


Record General information 

•     Weather, rain, sunny



•     Upload all information listed above on a daily basis 


Interested Candidates 

Please send your resume to by February 12th, 2021.