Outsourcing company is looking for a Software Developer. 


Overview of Responsibilities and Requirements

  • Responsible for design, development, maintenance, testing, and  quality  and  performance assurance of system software products under direct supervision. 

  • Blakes changes to system software to correct errors in the original implementation and creates extensions to existing programs to add new features or performance improvements.

  • Design and develops simple functional or performance enhancements for existing products or produces new software products or tools.   

  • Programming languages: JAVA, JAVA REACT and JAVASCRITP

  • Other languages: C#, .net, Python, Php,C++,SQL, swift, visualbasic.net

  • 1 year of experience

  • 100% bilingual (english and spanish)

Interested Candidates 

Please send your resume to aplicanteshr@gmail.com by March 17th, 2021.