Nicaragua's citizen security has been repeatedly recognized by international organizations and has contributed to positioning the country as a highly attractive destination for foreign investment. Investors are looking for a safe country not only for the business climate that benefits their companies, but also for the quality of life it offers them and their families. In this sense, Nicaragua fulfills both conditions: it is a safe country to invest in and to live in.

According to the World Economic Forum, Nicaragua is perceived as the country with the least organized crime not only in Central America or Latin America, but in the entire American continent. In its Global Competitiveness Index 2019, this independent international organization ranks Nicaragua as the safest country in the American continent in terms of business perception of organized crime as a problem for doing business. In the ranking, Nicaragua is located at number 28 worldwide, and number 1 in America, ranking above Canada and Chile.


                                                    Source: World Economic Forum.


The World Economic Forum´s Global Competitiveness Index has been published since 1979 and measures the ability of countries to provide high levels of prosperity to their citizens. In turn, this ability depends on how productively a country uses its available resources. Consequently, the index measures a set of political institutions and factors that define levels of sustainable economic prosperity.

Nicaragua also has the lowest homicide rate in Central America, which contributes significantly to its perception as a safe country, providing a high level of trust and tranquility that translates into a better quality of life.

This level of security is highly supported and valued by companies established in the country. "The personal safety of both local and foreign workers is a key factor in providing quality of life and physical integrity", highlights Juan Pablo Quiroz, Operations Manager of MLR Forestal. He also mentions "We are located in remote areas, and the simple fact of being able to travel at any time, in the event of any emergency, creates a more stable work environment for us."

In addition to being a country with great business opportunities and strong tax incentives for investment, Nicaragua is also a pleasant and safe place to live, with an excellent quality of life. The Government of Nicaragua continues to make efforts in this area to provide a friendly climate that allows it to continue positioning itself as an ideal country for investment.