Historically, cocoa has been one of the most important products for the Nicaraguan agriculture, economy, and society; going from an object of exchange as the first currency of the country many years ago, to being one of the main products of the agricultural sector today.

The cultivation of cocoa has been developing favorably, contributing significantly to the country's economy through its exports and the creation of jobs. Currently, around 15,849 cocoa hectares are grown in Nicaragua, of which 54 percent belong to small producers, generating more than 23,000 direct jobs in the field. This in turn represents a total production of 15,290 tons, of which 67 percent is exported to the markets of Europe, Central America, and the United States, contributing US$7 million to the national economy.

One of the main reasons for the good performance of this bean in international markets is the high quality with which it is produced in the country, this being widely recognized at international level. Nicaragua's cocoa is recognized as one of the best in the world, according to the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO), which granted the country the category of Fine or Flavor Cocoa producer in 2015.

Aware of the importance that cocoa cultivation has for the country, the Government of Nicaragua has been developing initiatives to support small producers that contribute to the strengthening of this area, such as, for example, the delivery of a technological bonus to cocoa producers to increase planting. Actions like this have allowed significant growth in this sector for 2021, where a cocoa production of 17,670 tons is expected, which would represent a 7 percent growth compared to 2020.

Likewise, the Government of Nicaragua remains committed with the growth of this sector for the future, affirming through its National Strategy for the Development of Cocoa culture that during the years 2020 - 2023 they will be working together with producer families on conservation of the quality of the Nicaraguan cocoa, productivity increase of plantations and the development of enterprises for transformation with high quality standards that contribute to improving the profitability of the cultivation and the income of producer families through access to more competitive markets.

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