Nicaragua has been highlighted as one of the top ten countries that lead and promote energy generation from renewable sources worlwide. The country has experienced significant progress in this field, achieving an energy production of more than 75 percent through renewable sources. 

Sustainability, a magazine specialized in the analysis of trends in sustainability and its evolution around technology and digital transformation, recently published an article in which it addresses the work and commitment of many countries to help mitigate climate change for a low-carbon future.  

To achieve this change, countries are focused on building renewable energy infrastructure and have welcomed solar, wind, geothermal and other renewable energies into their energy production. The list of countries that lead the changes towards renewable energy is made up of: Nicaragua, United States, Morocco, China, Denmark, Uruguay, Germany, Scotland, Costa Rica, and Sweden. 

Regarding Nicaragua, the article highlights that "energy production with renewable sources went from 26 percent in 2006 to 60 percent in 2019, the largest production was geothermal with 21 percent, followed by wind with 16 percent, hydroelectric with 15 percent, biomass with 14 percent and solar with 0.6 percent”. 

This recognition of the change in the energy matrix towards renewable sources is added to the significant development of electricity coverage that Nicaragua has achieved in the last decade. In 2006, only about 3 million inhabitants had electricity in their homes, which represented an electricity coverage of 54 percent; currently the country has a 99.12 percent electricity coverage, bringing energy to a total of 6.59 million nicaraguans. 

Nicaragua's energy sector has developed with a great dynamism in recent years due to significant public and private investments at national level. As a result, the country has increased its installed capacity by 89 percent from 2007 to 2021, reaching 1,800 MW of current installed capacity. 


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