Nicaragua has been highlighted by the World Economic Forum as one of the main countries with the greatest gender equality in the world, through its Global Gender Gap Report 2022.

The country climbed five positions compared to last year, thus being the only country in Latin America within the top 10 of the main countries with gender equality. Nicaragua is in seventh position in a list of 146 countries led by Iceland, followed by countries such as Finland, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden and Rwanda.

Among the achievements that Nicaragua obtained that have made it worthy of this distinction, the following stand out: closing the gap in the Educational Achievement sub-index, maintaining fifth position in the Political Empowerment sub-index with continuous parity in ministerial positions since 2021 and increase its parliamentary parity score from 0.938 to 1.

Likewise, the country has maintained the level of participation of women in important professional and technical roles, such as legislators, civil servants and senior managers. Equality in estimated labor income also increased, from 0.456 to 0.682.

The Global Gender Gap Index measures the world's progress towards gender parity across four key dimensions: Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Health and Survival, and Political Empowerment. Globally, 68.1 percent of the gender gap has been closed to date.

This recognition in such a prestigious study makes it possible to globally highlight the efforts that Nicaragua has made in terms of gender equity and is a motivation to continue highlighting the important role that women play in the development of our country.