The export of gold in Central America experienced an increase of 387 percent in its sales during 2021, with Nicaragua being the main exporting country of this product in the region with a total of US$1,534 million and a volume of 47 tons, with the United States as its main buyer with US$1,064 million.

Following Nicaragua are Honduras with US$278.6 million, Costa Rica with US$21.5 million and Panama with US$12 million. For their part, Guatemala and El Salvador did not record significant exports.

In total, the value of gold exports from Central America in 2021 was US$309.7 million, thus reflecting a significant growth when compared to the US$63.6 million obtained in 2020. Likewise, the exported tons increased from 2.1 in 2020 to 10.2 in 2021, according to data from CentralAmericaData.

Regarding the main export destinations of the region during this period, the United States stands out, representing 96.3 percent, followed by Switzerland with 3.2 percent and Austria with 0.3 percent.

Nicaragua is proud of its position as the leading country in gold exports from Central America, which highlights the enormous potential and value of the country's mining sector.

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