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Coffee, cotton and tobacco are harvested in Nicaragua. Bananas and sugar cane are also grown, as is cassava. Fishermen collect lobster and shrimp from the sea. Mining has developed into an important branch of industry. Hydroelectric power plants provide the necessary energy and the infrastructure is improving rapidly in the country. Nicaragua is a possible candidate for a new canal that could complement the Panama Canal. It would connect the Caribbean Sea, and thus the Atlantic, with the Pacific Ocean.

According to the Nicaraguan Ministry of Energy and Mines, the areas ceded for mining have increased sharply in recent years, around 415 percent in 16 years. Nicaragua is rich in mineral resources such as gold, silver, zinc, copper, iron ore and lead. Only gold, silver and copper are mined intensively.

One company prospecting for gold in Nicaragua, among other places, is Caliber Mining. The debt-free company’s Limon complex represents a high-grade gold discovery with assays of up to 66 grams per tonne gold. Additional exploration and development projects are located in Washington and Nevada. For 2022, Caliber Mining anticipates gold production of 220,000 to 235,000 ounces of gold.

Also represented in Nicaragua is Condor Gold, the promising La India gold project scores with an extremely positive feasibility study.