Free and confidential support for investors

PRONicaragua offers complimentary services to qualified investors and companies interested in exploring business opportunities or expanding their operations in Nicaragua. 


Assessement and decision making

  • Preparation of personalized packages with updated and reliable information about the country
  • Analysis of comparative models of operating costs in the country
  • Specialized accompaniment in visits to the country in order to meet with key actors



  • Guidance and assistance in permit processes and government administrative procedures
  • Support in human talent recruitment processes and search for real estate solutions
  • Facilitation of contacts of goods and services suppliers


Retention and Expansion 

  • Attention to service requests due to obstacles experienced during the operation
  • Advice on investment opportunities to expand, diversify and add value to the local operations of companies
  • Approach with established companies, trade associations and the academy for the development of initiatives that strengthen the value chains of the business ecosystem